How it works

A simple description of how JBlog works... A running JBlog system amounts to two parts;

1. The web server where the blog (html and images) are served from. This can be local or remote. Jblog really just writes files into the file system that comprise the blog. Once these files are written, they can be used directly via a web server or copied to a remote web server.

2. The JSP container provides the environment for jblog.war to run. The jblog web application is used for creating, reading, updating, deleteing blog entries.

These two hosts can be the same system, or they can be different systems. I have them on the same system. I use Tomcat on port 8080 for the Admin Host, and apache on port 80 for the Blog Host.

When you are finished with the install and point your browser to the jblog application, you will the "JBlog control panel" (see the overview section.)

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